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10 Ways to Keep Foods Fresh Longer

Keep Foods Fresh Longer

Keep Foods Fresh

There is nothing worse than going to the frig to make a salad and your 3-day old lettuce has already wilted or at least turned brown on the edges.  Or you go to some of those carrots you’ve intended to use and they are as limp as a noodle!  Let’s not even get started about waste in the freezer.  It’s time to keep foods fresh!

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of throwing away money so I looked for some ways to preserve some of that food a little longer.  The results were astounding and I can’t wait to share how to keep foods fresh with you.  Let’s get started.

Tip One – Wrap banana stems in plastic wrap and they will stay fresh at least four days longer.  Be sure to separate the bananas as well so they won’t be touching.

Tip Two – Keep mushrooms in a paper bag in the frig.  The paper absorbs any moisture and keeps them fresh longer.

Tip Three – Wrap cheese in a vinegar-soaked paper towel to help keep from molding and getting old.

Tip Four – Wrap lettuce in foil and it will stay crisp four weeks longer.  You can also wrap celery for the same results.  Lettuce will also last a month or longer stored in a glass jar.  Break it up with your fingers, not a knife.  Cutting with a knife will turn lettuce brown.  If you have a ceramic knife you can use that.

Tip Five – Place sliced bread on the cake where you have already sliced it and the cake will stay moist.

Tip Six – Turn your containers of sour cream and cottage cheese upside down in the refrigerator.  The bacteria growth is inhibited because it forms a vacuum seal.

Tip Seven – Store tomatoes with stems up on a paper towel.  Do not refrigerate.

Tip Eight – Cut the tops of carrots off before putting in the refrigerator.  They will stay fresh and crisp longer.

Tip Nine – Keeping milk in a glass container with a lid will keep it colder and fresh longer.

Tip Ten – Homemade bread should be stored by wrapping it in a kitchen towel and then placed in a paper sack.  The bread can breathe but the bag keeps moisture out.

I hope these tips help you keep foods fresh longer. Let me know in the comments if you have any tips to share with other readers.

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