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10 Ways You May Be Throwing Hundreds of Dollars Away Each Month

10 Habits You Should Break


Everyone is busy these days and time may seem elusive, but during our mad rushes to get everything done there is a lot of money wasted.  This is money that could buy you a new car or take your entire family on a great vacation each year.

The sad truth is many times we don’t realize what we are doing is costing us so much.  I’m going to share with you 10 ways you may be spending money without really thinking about the cost.  It opened my eyes and I think it will open yours as well.  Below are some things you should not be doing if you want to save money.

#1 Eating lunch out each day with fellow workers

This small thing can run into big bucks.  If the average lunch is $10 and you eat out five days a week, you are spending $200 a month!  Try taking your lunch four days a week and eating out on one special day.  It’s a great compromise.

#2 Picking up dinner or taking the family out to dinner

I understand you are tired after working but eating out all the time is eating up your budget.  Eat out once or twice and cook the rest of the time.  These days it’s so easy to put something in a slow cooker and have it waiting for you when you get home.  The kids will love you for it!

The average price for a family of four to eat out is $50, sometimes more.  Again, you’ve spent another $200 plus the money you spend eating lunches out.  It really adds up.

#3 Stopping for morning coffee at the local coffee shop or Starbucks

Some places charge $4 for a latte and if you have one every work day you’ve spent another $80.  Invest in a coffee maker that makes espresso, or lattes.  Buy a good thermos and take it on the go with you.  You can also sleep in a little longer because you won’t be making that extra stop and waiting in line on the way to work.

#4 Buying prepackaged foods instead of cooking from scratch

Prepackaged foods are not only expensive they are full of preservatives and additives that you can’t even pronounce.  I make almost everything from scratch and it’s so much cheaper.  You can make great chocolate chip cookies for about $1.87 per dozen!  Read how I did it here.

#5 Buying your kids a toy or treat every time you go to the store

So many parents and grandparents take their children to the store and when the child throws a fit they give in and purchase what they wanted.  This not only makes them not appreciate it when they get a present, it cost you money.  Children need to learn that gifts are for special occasions or when you earn them.  (just my opinion here)  Even if you spring for a $3 toy this can really add up over a years’ time.

#6 Not using shopping apps to help you find bargains and get cash back

There are many apps for this kind of savings.  I personally like to use Ebates.  If you are shopping online most likely your store will be on Ebates and you will get some cash back.

#7 Not shopping clearance and buying on impulse

Every store has clearance somewhere.  If you shop online they will usually have a clearance section and if you go in the store you can ask the clerk where the clearance items are.

I know Walmart devotes an entire row in the store to their clearance.  I always check there first because they have anything from makeup to toys. Even large department stores like Kohls and Dillards have great sales.

#8 Not utilizing easy to make cleaners and soaps

Making your own cleaning supplies is very cheap and also fast and easy.  I make my own dishwasher pods in less than ten minutes.  I get about 20 pods for $1.  You can find tons of recipes for cleaners, soaps, shampoos, and even pet food on YouTube.

#9 Not shopping around for cheaper car and house insurance

My husband insisted on staying with the same agent for 15 years and I knew we were paying too much.  He finally did some research and we found a well-known company that insured our cars and house at a savings of over $600 per year!

#10 Not making a menu and shopping list

This was a biggie for me.  Once I started doing this my grocery bill went down a lot.  I now make my menu first, and then make the grocery list from the menu.  I don’t vary from my list unless it’s something I forgot to put on the list.

It’s All About Mindset

Once you make up your mind you want to stop wasting your hard earned money it’s really not hard or complicated.  Most families can save at least $500 per month when they start watching their spending.  Just think of how you and your family can benefit from the extra money.

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Scripture of Encouragement

1 Timothy 6:10 

For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.



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