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11 Uses for Beer at Home

11 Uses for Beer At Home

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Beer is a beverage that many people like and sales statistics seem to back up that fact.  I personally don’t care for it, but there are many uses for beer around the house that don’t include drinking it.  Here are 11 uses for beer at home that I find most interesting.

  1. Cooking – Most people know you can cook with beer and your imagination can go wild with this. The foods I know where you cook with beer are bread, chili, meat, and rice.
  2. Slug Killer – Slugs are the worst things around that get in your yard and sometimes in your home. The old remedy is to pour salt on them and then they melt into a gooey mess, but beer changes all that.
    Take a small jar or can and place it in a hole in the yard and it will attract the slugs.  You don’t even have to look for them because they love beer!  Once they fall in to drink they can’t get out.  They can die naturally or you can flush them.
  3. Body Washing – Beer, because of the yeast and other ingredients is great for exfoliating and softening your skin. Rinse with plain water so you don’t smell like beer!
  4. Tummy Problem – Beer can help settle a tummy act or indigestion in some cases.
  5. Stains in Carpet – Got a stain on your carpet? Just pour some beer over it and brush it.  Once the stain is gone clean with soapy water and rinse.
  6. Furniture Restore – Flat beer left over from parties can revive wood furniture and give it back some color. Great for a polish as well.
  7. Go Lighter – Want your hair a shade or two lighter? Beer rubbed in and left for 30 minutes can certainly do that!
  8. Gold Jewelry – If you have gold jewelry that needs polishing just drop it in a glass of beer and then rub and rinse.
  9. Get Rid of Bees/Wasps – There is nothing worse than having an outdoor party and wasps and bees keep coming up to your food and drinks. Before the party starts place some containers with a small amount of beer in them around the perimeter and the bees will go there and drink that beer, not yours!
  10. Put out Fire – If the outdoor grill catches on fire you can shake a beer and use it as an extinguisher. It’s not as good as a real one but may just save the day and the food!
  11. Copper – Beer is great for shining copper. Put on a rag and start rubbing. Rinse off when done.

Well, these 11 uses for beer in the home are the ones I felt were the most interesting and easy to use.  So the next time you have any beer getting old in the house you can use some of it to clean your jewelry or kill slugs.

I also found a book with recipes made with beer if you’d like to take a look.  Just click on the image to read more about the book!


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