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13 Unusual Frugal Ideas

13 Unusual Frugal Ideas

frugal ideas

Being frugal is a lot of fun to me because I love finding new ways to save money.  Some ways are a little strange but when you are trying to reach a goal, all ways need to be tried or at least looked at. Enjoy trying these 13 unusual frugal ideas for yourself!

Car Waxing

Believe it or not, you don’t have to buy expensive car wax to make your car shine.  Simply take a cheap can of furniture polish and a rag to your car and then spray and buff!  Shiny and pretty!

Fast Food Condiments

I don’t know about you but on the occasion, we do pick up food and take it home but we never use the little packages of ketchup or other condiments.  My husband even throws them in the refrigerator and then we forget them and they ruin.

Take your large condiment containers out of the refrigerator and empty the small packets into the big containers. Now you are wasting nothing!

Hair Cuts

It’s not that hard to cut your children’s hair or your husbands.  I even cut my own occasionally.  There are some simple ways to layer hair that aren’t that hard.  See the video below on hair cutting and then click on the photo below that to see about getting a hair cutting set of your own.  It will save a ton of money in the long run.







Free Lemonade

lemonadeWhen I go to a restaurant I order water with extra lemon.  I then squeeze the lemon into the water and add some sweet and low (or sugar).  It makes great lemonade and cost nothing.  There is no reason to pay $2.50 for a glass of tea!  Wait until you get home.






The next frugal tip is one that is so easy and so beautiful.  It cost a little the first year but after that, your yard will be beautiful for free.

Buy (on sale) some beautiful artificial plants, shrubbery, and flowers to plant around your yard.  My sister does this every year and I never knew they weren’t real until she told me one day.

She plants spring and summer items part of the year then replaces them with fall and winter items later in the year.  Her yard is always immaculately groomed.  All you do is mow!

Save Water

If you have a large family the water you use flushing the toilet can be a lot.  In order to cut down on flushing away your water bill, you can wrap a heavy brick in a plastic bag and then put in another bag.  Place the brick in the tank of the toilet.  This way you won’t use as much water when flushing.

Bruised Fruit

bruised fruit

Don’t throw away overripe or bruised fruit.  It’s still good enough to use for smoothies, cakes, cookies, and more.




Save on Wipes

Keep a pair of scissors by your baby or makeup wipes and use only half.  Half will do just as good of a job.  Either put the other half back or keep another bag or container to keep the half in until you use it.

Homemade Fingerless Gloves

Sometimes at home your hands are just freezing but working in gloves is just too hard.  Take an old sock and cut out five holes for your fingers.  This works good and also keeps your arms warm

Don’t Own a Car

city busIf you live near public transportation you can save a bundle!  I know in Fort Worth Texas you can buy a city bus pass for the entire month for under $70.  You have no car payment, no car insurance, and no fuel cost.  Sure it’s a little more inconvenient, but if you are saving for a house or something it’s well worth it!

You will also be able to take a taxi for special occasions.



Patchwork Rugs and Carpets

Get scrap new carpet that is thrown in the dumpster behind the carpet store.  This makes beautiful rugs.  You can find instructions on Youtube and Google.  You can see some photos of patchwork rugs here on Pinterest.

Small Leftovers

butterThis trick I learned from my mom.  If you just have one tablespoon of peas or corn left, don’t throw them away.  Keep a storage container in the freezer and keep adding to it.  Once full you have a great soup starter.  But Mom went even further than that!  If she has just a pat of butter left on the butter wrapper she would save it to grease a cooking sheet or muffin tin.  She wasted nothing.



Frugal End Table

I must confess this idea doesn’t originate from me but I love it.  If you don’t have money for end tables right away you can take rubber storage tubs and turn upside down.  Simply cover with a cheap tablecloth and no one will know the difference!

These 13 unusual frugal ideas may not be the norm, but I guarantee you they will have you save money.  Do you have some crazy frugal ideas?  If so, share them below.

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