13 Ways to Save When Shopping

13 Ways to Save When Shopping

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Women everywhere love to shop but many times our shopping can really do a number on the budget.  Being frugal doesn’t mean we can never shop but there are some tips we can follow that will keep the bulk of our money safe from being spent on fashion.

Tank Tops and Shells

Don’t blow your budget buying name brand or designer clothes that are going to be hid under another layer of clothing.   Save your money for the clothes that really get the most attention.

Shop Out of Season

A great way to get really nice clothes is to shop out of season.  For example, when spring comes many of the stores will place their left over winter clothes on sale.  This is the time to buy.  You may have to wait a year to wear it, but in most cases you will save up to 70% when purchasing your clothes out of season.

Mix and Match Swimwear

We’ve all used mix and match fashion when it comes to pants, blouses, and other fashion items, but buying mix and match swimwear can really save on the budget.  So many women have a least 10 bathing suits, and that can cost quite a bit.  By buying tops and bottoms that can be mixed with other bathing suit tops and bottoms you can have many suits to choose from.   Three suits should be enough to get you through the summer for several years.

Fleeting Fashion Trends

Stop spending money on crazy fashion fads that are here today and gone tomorrow.  Spend your money wisely on styles you know can be worn a long time.  Fashion trends will waste your money, usually only lasting a season.

Buying the Right Accessories

When shopping for clothes be sure and shop for the accessories that can change the total look of the outfit.  Scarves, jewelry, and hats can take a casual outfit into an out-to-dinner look really quick!

Turn Worn Pants into Stylish Shorts or Capris

Don’t throw away those pants or jeans just because they have a tear in the leg or knee.  Cut them off and use iron-on hemming tape to make some cute shorts.  No sewing needed and they are adorable.  If you really want to get fancy you can place some rhinestones on the back pockets.  This is easy to do with a bedazzle kit.

Don’t Go Sale Crazy

Just because it’s on sale for 70% off doesn’t mean it’s the right buy for you.  Do you really need it?  Would you really wear it often?  Does it go with anything else you have in your closet?

Watch sales closely and don’t get caught up in the excitement of it all.

Bargain Hunting

There is an art to bargain hunting and it’s not just using shopping apps or watching retail store ads.  Retail outlets have a way of leading you to what they want you to purchase, and it’s usually items that are the most expensive.

They put these displays right in the middle of the store or place items on shelves that are eye level so you can spot them easily.  The sale items are a little harder to find.  Many times you can find unadvertised sales items just by knowing where to look.

Looking on the top and bottom shelves is where you will find lots of bargains.  Also on the walls of the store, many times at the back of the store, is where you will find clearance items.

Dry Cleanable Clothing

In my experience it’s best to avoid dry cleanable clothing as much as possible.  It merely adds to the cost of the item every few times you wear it.  However, there are some things we may really want that need to be cleaned.  I take a good look at the item and if it looks like it would be safe to wash in Woolite, I may go ahead and purchase it.  Many times using a cleaner like Woolite, and then pressing your garment, will work just as good as having it dry cleaned.

What about Coupon Apps

There are many coupon apps out for cell phones today and many of them are great.  Some of these apps not only show you the sales in your area but have coupons that will show up on your phone to use in these stores.  A 40% off coupon is nothing to be ignored!

Here are some of the phone apps that people use for shopping today.

Coupon Sherpa

Retail Me Not



Check them out and use the ones you feel will help you save the most money.

Shop with Cash

The best way to control your spending is to shop with cash and not credit cards.  When we use credit cards we tend to overspend.  It’s like we are not spending real money!  If you shop with cash and you watch yourself hand it over to the cashier it makes you realize how much you are spending.

If you insist on shopping with credit cards be sure you only spend what you can pay off at the end of the month.  This takes discipline, so if you don’t feel you can handle this, take cash!

Getting Those Designer Clothes

It’s totally possible to get some designer clothes at a very low price, but not very often.  I personally buy my designer clothes at thrift stores.  They are in great condition and I get them for a fraction of the price they would cost brand new.

Your friends aren’t going to look at you and wonder where you got that beautiful outfit; they are mostly going to be jealous they can’t afford to dress like you do!

Not all thrift stores are created equal but it won’t take you long to find the ones you love and trust.

Keeping Your Clothes in Great Shape

Although this tip is not really about shopping, it is about saving money on the clothes you have already purchased.  Taking care of your clothes means they last longer and in turn your budget stretches a lot further.

Be sure that when you hang up your clothes (be sure to hang them), that you zip all the zippers and button at least the top two buttons.  This helps your garments to hold their shape better.

Also take care when washing and drying.  Some clothes last longer if you let them drip dry and the press with a low heat iron.

Mending is a very important step to making clothes last longer.  Keep the buttons sewn on and seams together as long as possible.  A small sewing kit will take care of these minor things.  You can even change the buttons on some blouses or blazers and make them look totally new and different!


The main thing to remember is that we all need to live within our means, and for most people that means living on a monthly budget.  When shopping for anything, be sure you think for a moment.  Do you really need it? Does it fit within your budget?

Happy Shopping!  I hope these tips help you keep more money in your pocket.  Feel free to leave your tips and tricks in the comment section!

Scripture of Encouragement

Isaiah 55:1

Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buyand eat; yea, comebuy wine and milk without money andwithout price.



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