15 Reasons to Be Frugal

15 Reasons to Be Frugal


To be frugal is something a lot of people don’t understand and they totally have the wrong conception.  It’s a smarter way to live and actually have more, not less in many cases.  It’s making smarter choices and learning the difference between wants and needs.  For many people, it means retiring sooner, or great vacations every year.  Find what your main reasons are to be frugal and see what a huge difference it will make in your life!

  1. Puts You In Control – It’s time to take back your finances and make them work for you, not against you.
  2. Teaches Children Amazing Skills – Children watch, learn, and do as they see their parents do.  It’s a lifelong skill for them.
  3. Encourages Creativity – You will learn how to use workarounds to get what you need and get it for less.
  4. Change Your Finances Drastically – You won’t believe where all the extra money comes from till you try it!
  5. Sleep Better – I sleep so much better knowing I’ve got the finances under control.
  6. Lowers Stress and Increases Inner Peace – Knowing you are on a budget and where the money is going is such a stress reliever.
  7. Helps Identify True Priorities – You learn quickly what’s really important and adjust your life to those priorities.
  8. Reduces Clutter – You buy less and so being more selective leaves much less clutter around the house.
  9. Frugality Increases Confidence – The better you get at being frugal the more you realize you can do it and much more!
  10. Builds Community Relationships – You will share with neighbors in your community and sometimes share expenses and travel.
  11. No Need to Keep Up With the Jones’s – You will be eating and living better on a budget.
  12. Learn That Stuff Weighs You Down – You will find yourself going more minimal and loving it.
  13. You Will Inspire Others – Your lifestyle will inspire others to live frugally as well.
  14. You Will Have Money For Emergencies – Once on a budget, you can put aside a small sum each much as an emergency fund.
  15. Keeps Your Mind Sharp – Shopping is a whole different experience as your mind will become sharp to bargains and sales.

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