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Hi, my name is Rhonda and a big welcome to my blog Family Dollar Stretcher.   My journey started almost seven years ago.  Due to health and family reasons, I quit work to stay home over five years ago.  When I made this decision I researched how to save money and budget our finances in order to make ends meet.

It was a wonderful surprise to find out there were many ways to begin this journey with immediate savings to our budget!  I have more time and money now than I did when I was working.  Why?  Well, you may have noticed if you work outside the home that it takes money to keep a job.  There are clothes to buy, eating out, travel expenses and much more.

I can teach people how to save money and get control of their finances and live a richer and fuller life. Oftentimes, when you save money, you save time too!

As a regular visitor to Family Dollar Stretcher, join me as I share tricks and tips to “Living Large on Less”.  It is such a fun challenge and before you know it, finding ways for you to have more money in your budget becomes addictive!

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Thanks so much.  I’m looking forward to having you as part of the Family Dollar Stretcher family! Here is my promise to my FDS family:

I will do my very best to help you save money, get out of debt, explore creative ways to make money and live a better life, starting immediately, so you can have more money each month than you ever thought possible!