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Checklist for Traveling with Small Children

Checklist for Traveling with Small Children

traveling with small children


Traveling with small children can be fun or it can be a disaster, however, proper planning is all you need to have a wonderful time.  Children have a hard time being still so when traveling it’s important to keep them occupied and happy with the activity they are doing.

Everyone plans their trips but it’s the planning of what’s happening during the trip that’s most important.  One thing most people do is over pack.  It’s much better to pack less and wash clothes while on the trip.  Almost all hotels and cruise ships have a laundry area.  The less you have to carry when traveling with children the better.

Your children will also feel more a part of any trip if you let them have their very own small suitcase on rollers.  My five-year-old grandson has his own suitcase and loves it!

Checklist for Flying with Small Children


  1. Always be early to the airport.
  2. Print your boarding passes at home.
  3. Explain the security protocol to the children ahead of time.
  4. Carry a backpack or tote bag full of small games, quiet toys, coloring books, etc.
  5. If you qualify for early boarding, do so. This will give you time to place carry-on bags easier.
  6. Know the carry on rules of the airline ahead of time so you don’t have to leave anything behind.

traveling with small children


Checklist for Driving with Small Children


  1. Stop the car often for small children to run around. Look for parks in towns along the way for even more fun for the children.
  2. Take along a cooler with picnic foods in it to save money. Plus you save time on the road by eating and letting the kids play at the same time.
  3. Be sure and figure all the stops in your timetable when planning so you will know how long the trip will take.
  4. You should take small toys or games for the children to play with during the times between stops. It’s really nice to find an educational toy so they can learn while being entertained.


Checklist for Cruising with Small Children


  1. When going on a cruise you should also print your boarding passes at home to save time and confusion.
  2. While there are tons of things for children to do on a cruise, you should still pack some toys from home. Being around familiar things puts them more at east on the ship.
  3. Check into the children’s activities on the ship ahead of time as well and as soon as you get on board go and sign the children up before the lines get too long.
  4. You don’t need to worry about food for children on the ship as they have foods that will fit anyone’s taste. Anything from a hotdog to frog legs.  And food is available all hours of the day!


Traveling with small children can be easy and fun if you follow the tips above.  All it takes is some pre-planning and you are set for a wonderful trip!  To me, going on a cruise with my grandson was the most fun of all!

No matter where you go make sure your children get to see the sights and enjoy the journey!

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