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Do It Yourself Professional Photos That Save A Bundle

You Can Take Professional Photos at Home

All parents want great photos of their children to share with the grandparents and let’s face it, school pictures aren’t always the best.  You can make your own home studio and do very well.  This way of saving money is a lot of fun because the entire family can get involved.  People spend a fortune getting professional photos made of their children and families every year, and it can be done for much less.  With just a few helpful tips you too can be taking photos at home that will cost you practically nothing.

One of the main things you need besides a camera is a backdrop for your pictures.  When my children were small I would take a light blue sheet that I had and would tape it to the wall and use that as the backdrop.  My children liked Snoopy back then and they also had some Snoopy sheets that I used in some of the pictures.  In these more modern times, people are getting a little more creative and making the backdrop themselves.  You can make any design you want.  Make some with the design but be sure and have a light blue or white one for most pictures.

If you want all the lighting, three backdrops, stand and more you can get it all for under $100 and never have to worry about buying any kind of equipment. Take a look at it.

The backdrops you make yourself are made by purchasing about 5 yards of white muslin material and then taking iron on seaming tape to make the edge even.  Some people leave the muslin white but most people take the dye color of their choice and dye it.  After you dye it, be sure and let it dry outside which will help it not to shrink.  If you find printed material you like you can use that but remember the more design, the busier it looks and takes away from the person in the picture.

The backdrop can be put on the wall with masking tape.  This way it won’t damage the material or your wall.  You can also hang the material from a curtain rod if you choose.  Lighting is something you will have to experiment with and remember that using the flash sometimes makes the photos worse. Get online and search for photo lighting tips and you will take photos like a professional.

Using Props

Professional photographers seem to have such wonderful props when you take the family to get their picture taken, and you can too.  If your child likes football, take his photo holding the football.  Small chairs are good for the children to sit, and their favorite stuff animals will look cute too.  Put a nice rug on the floor to help bring the backdrop together.  There are endless ways to take good photos.  For adults, you can have them holding a rose or an award.  For children, use their favorite toys, their wagon, etc.  Use your imagination and you will have photos the whole block is talking about.  Most importantly, have fun and get lots of wonderful memories captured of your family.

Can I Use My Cell Phone?

Today’s cell phones have quite good digital cameras in them and you can use them.  However, if you can afford a better camera you have more choices as far a speed, lighting, etc.  I used a small camera for my children’s photos and they turned out really good.  You can now buy a special lens that attaches to your cell phone for more options and better photos.  Even if you spend a little bit of money getting started, the backdrops and equipment you can use for years, making it not expensive at all.

You still may want to get professional photos once a year, but for the rest of the year take them yourself and create a wonderful world of memories!



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