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Electric Pressure Cookers That Rock!

Electric Pressure Cookers

Save Time and Money

Electric Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers aren’t the scary explosive pots they used to be.  The electric pressure cookers on the market today are practically “set it and forget it” appliances.  Why?  Because once you program an item to cook in the electric pressure cooker it will automatically set itself on “keep warm” after the item is completely cooked.  I know that my life in the kitchen has really become a lot more fun since I got my pressure cooker!

My husband is a big eater and after working hard all day he likes to come home to a large home cooked meal.  Before I got my XL Pressure cooker I was spending a great deal of time preparing this evening meal.  Cooking in a pressure cooker not only saves time, it really infusions your seasonings into the foods.  This means better tasting foods plus you use fewer seasonings because they don’t cook away.

After I got my cooker, both my sisters bought one.  Each sister bought a completely different brand than I did, but we found that most of them work exactly the same and do a good job.  They come in 6, 8, and 10-quart sizes.  I have the six-quart size since I’m only cooking for two.  In fact, the 6-quart size makes a ton of food and we always have leftovers for lunches the next day.

An interesting fact about pressure cookers is that they don’t always save cooking time but they do save me time.  For example, I love to cook potatoes I’m going to mash in my cooker.  It doesn’t save much time since the cooker has to build up steam and pressure before the cooking time begins.  But…, and this is a biggie for me.  It does save me time.  When cooking potatoes on the stove you have to watch and stir to make sure they don’t boil over.  You have to adjust the temperature once they come to a boil, etc.  Also, when cooking on the stove I would dice the potatoes up which takes time.  When cooking in the pressure cooker I just peel and cut the potato into four large chunks and cook.  Just set the time and forget about it until time to mash the potatoes!

Dishes I Have Cooked in My Electric Pressure Cooker

  1. Roast Beef
  2. Country Style Pork Ribs
  3. Mac and Beef
  4. Cabbage
  5. Baked Potatoes
  6. Mashed Potatoes
  7. Pinto Beans
  8. Fresh Green Beans
  9. Venison
  10. Pork Chops
  11. Chicken
  12. Soups
  13. Butter Beans
  14. Northern Beans
  15. Rice

I still have a lot more experimenting to go, but so far I’m loving it! Sometimes I cook my foods longer than the recipe calls for so you have to adjust for how you like your foods cooked.  I believe an electric pressure cooker is one appliance everyone needs in their kitchen.  The main reason I first got one is to save money buying cheaper cuts of meat.  You can cook a cheap cut of meat in the pressure cooker and it comes out moist and tender every time.  Although we live on a frugal budget our food doesn’t have to taste like it!

Below are two of the electric pressure cookers I love the best  I will share the details and benefits of each and hope this helps you make a good decision should you decide to have one of these wonderful appliances in your kitchen.  I’ll start with my favorite cooker, the Power Pressure Cooker XL.

Pressure Cooker XL


The Power Pressure Cooker XL comes in a 6-quart for $89.99 and the 10-quart for $153.29.  These prices were obtained from Amazon and are subject to change.  The display is digital so cooking is a simple matter of pushing a button and closing the pressure lock.  Once your item is cooked you release the pressure lock and let the steam release before opening the lid.

This cooker can also be used as a slow cooker, which I have tried and works.  It has a removable non-stick pot on the inside for cooking and canning.  That’s right you can actually use this machine for canning your foods from the garden!  It also is a rice cooker, which only takes six minutes!  There are buttons for cooking meats, soups, stews, rice, lentils, and much more.

I love my Power Pressure Cooker XL and think you will too!  You can read more about it here.




The Instapot is a very well-known brand as well and I have friends that swear by it.  The prices on Amazon for the Instapot are $99 for the 6-quart and $119.95 for the 10-quart.  This cooker doesn’t say that it cans but the Instapot Duo60 also makes yogurt.  It is also a slow cooker, rice cooker, egg cooker, and has the saute and keep warm functions just like the Power Pressure XL. You can read more about the Instapot here.

Both of these cookers use approximately 60-70% less energy than other appliances and can speed up cooking 2-6 times.

Although these cookers come with a few recipes you will want to experiment more.  One of the best places I’ve found for electric pressure cooker recipes is Allrecipes. Take a look at all the recipes they have to offer!


For reading this entire article I have a bonus recipe for you below.

Bonus Recipe For Pressure Cooker

Mac and Beef

mac and beef

One of my favorite things to make in the pressure cooker is mac and beef.  Here is the recipe.

  • First, you brown your hamburger meat in a skillet on the stove or in the cooker.  It has a browning feature.  I prefer a skillet because it’s faster.
  • Add the meat to the cooker if you cooked it on the stove.
  • Next, you pour two small cans of tomato sauce and one large can of diced tomatoes into the non-stick pot.
  • Add your seasonings like garlic, salt, pepper, etc to the tomato base.
  • You then add in about two cups of dry elbow macaroni and stir up the mixture.
  • Set the cooker for six (6) minutes!

This recipe is so easy and there is no stirring or cooking the macaroni first.  Your family will love this dish along with a salad and garlic bread.  Enjoy!


Scripture of Encouragement

Colossians 3:23 

Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men,

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