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Family Traditions

Family Traditions

family traditions


Family traditions are a way to carry on our heritage in some instances and in other ways it’s merely something fun or spiritual a family always does together. This is usually done once a year, but sometimes more, depending on the situation.

Many times a family tradition is simply the whole family getting together at grandma’s house every Christmas, while other traditions may be similar to the ones listed below.

  • Decorating the tree as a family
  • Going camping at the same place every year
  • Attending an early sunrise church service on Easter Sunday
  • Eating moms famous stuffed turkey on Thanksgiving each year

These are normal family traditions, but mine will surprise you!

Unusual Family Traditions


No matter what the tradition is they always bring up fond memories when you think of them throughout the year.   Some family traditions aren’t as “normal” as others.  My family was one of the unusual but it was great fun.

family traditionsFor example, when my mom was alive she had a tradition that brought her so much joy, and we all loved it as well. Hope you are ready for this because, as I said, it’s a bit unusual.

The entire family always gathered at her home for Thanksgiving but before you left her house you were given two brown paper bags and sent to her pantry to shop. I know it sounds strange, but read on.

Mom had turned a bedroom into a pantry and all through the year she clipped coupons, watched sales, and stocked up on everything from crackers to canned salmon.  Talk about someone frugal; my mom could squeeze a nickel out of a penny.

You might see eight bottles of ketchup at any one time or twenty boxes of mac and cheese! She stocked up on everything, even spices, etc.

We were sent to the pantry to fill up our bags with anything in there and not pay a dime!  It was her Christmas present to us, and boy did we appreciate it.  You can imagine how much food she had stored for about 10 of us wives and daughter-in-laws to shop.

Mom was also an avid gardener and the pantry was full of garden foods she had canned as well.  All she asked is that we return the mason jars, which we were happy to do.  We wanted her to fill them up again!

Family traditions can come in all kinds of ways.  Does your family have one?  If not, maybe you should think of starting one.

It’s not what you start for your family tradition it’s the fun and joy you get from it. Your family will remember these special times long after you are gone.

If you know of other unusual family traditions please drop it in the comment section below!












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