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Five Frugal Books That Rock

Five Frugal Books That Rock

The Internet is a great place to learn but there is nothing better than having the right books on hand when you need them.  The five books I’m about to share will make a world of difference in your frugal living.  They are tried and true methods that won’t let you down.   These five frugal books that rock are a little diverse in nature but all have great value.  I hope you will check them out.

Book One

baking soda

Patty Korman has done a wonderful job giving you 70 pages of ways to uses baking soda.  You won’t believe how many other cleaners and toiletries you can do without when you know all the baking soda hacks.  To read more about this book click the link below

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Book Two

spending less

Ruth Soukup is a well-known speaker and blogger that teaches everyone how to live well on less.  Her book is over 200 pages and is full of wonderful ideas and ways for you to have a better life.  For more information click the link below.

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Book Three


Little House Living author believes in her mission statement of “making the most with what you have”.  You will enjoy this book a lot and find yourself referring to it from time to time.  For more information click the link below.

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Book Four

frugal paleo



This book has affordable, easy & delicious Paleo Cooking recipes for you while still remaining frugal.  Many people are on the Paleo program today so that’s why I included this book in the five frugal books that rock. For more information, you can click the link below.

Let’s Take a Look!


Book Five

frugal living for dummies


This book has 288 pages full of tips and hacks for living a frugal life.  What a great reference book.  It’s in the format of a list, but each category and subject have their own list.  It’s great.  Go take a look inside and see what I mean!  Click the link below.

I Want To Look Inside


I hope you enjoy checking out these five frugal books that rock.  I sure enjoyed sharing them with you.  Check out the related post you see below for more living frugal information.


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