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Guilty Pleasures – How to Fit Them into Your Budget

We all have little guilty pleasures that we love but once you set a budget you may think there is no way to indulge. There is always a way! It all depends on what your guilty pleasure is, what is cost, and how often you want to indulge in it. Before we get into how to fit these guilty pleasures into your budget let’s go over what you should not do with a guilty pleasure. Most guilty pleasures need to be planned out and not done on the spur of the moment. These types of pleasures can get your budget into lots of trouble. Why? Because you are doing it on a whim, without thinking it through.

Secondly, don’t do it if it’s illegal or immoral. You’d think I wouldn’t have to put this in here, but hey, some people don’t think before acting! Last, but not least, don’t indulge if you have not figured this guilty pleasure into your budget.

So what do I consider a guilty pleasure? For some people, it’s having chocolate when they are watching their weight. For others, it could be buying a new pair of shoes. For me, it’s getting a pedicure. When I first quit work and fixed a budget I knew I didn’t have money for this. For months I tried to get by and do the job myself but with five back surgeries, I knew I needed a professional pedicure. It was too hard for me to bend and work on my feet. Plus, I”ll admit, I love the pampered feeling I get with a pedicure.

The type of pedicure I love cost $30.  Since toenails don’t need tending as often as fingernails I knew I could get by with one pedicure every six weeks.  That comes to approximately 8 pedicures per year.  At $30 per pedicure, I needed to plug in $240 to my annual budget, or $20 per month.

Next, I looked at the budget to see where I could cut $20 a month so I could have my guilty pleasure.  I found mine by cutting out my home phone.  We never used it anyway since family always call on our cell phones.  That saved me more than enough money to have my guilty pleasure and I didn’t miss a thing!

Maybe your cut can come from the food bill, or sell something you don’t need each month.  There is usually a way if you get creative enough.

Budgeting is harder in the beginning but as you get rid of things you don’t need, like a home phone or other items, you will absolutely feel the stress leaving your body.  Finances can cause more illness that you would believe!

Also as you get credit cards and other debts paid off you will definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I just finished paying off all my credit card debt about a month ago and I can’t tell you how great it feels.  If I want something I save for it or earn money on a side job.

Whatever your guilty pleasure it, try you best to fit it into your budget somehow.  It’s important to be frugal but without feeling like you are doing without.  In most cases, you will find you have more once you start managing your money!


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