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How Frugal People Get What They Want

How Frugal People Get What They Want

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Being frugal is widely misunderstood by most of the world and that’s a shame.  Most people think that being frugal means never having anything nice or going out and having fun.  This could not be further from the truth. Frugal people usually have more than most families.

Being frugal reminds me of the Weight Watchers freestyle program.  Why?  Because I’ve learned I can have almost anything I want to eat as long as I plan the day accordingly and am able to fit in the smart points I want to eat that day.  Frugal people use the same principle.  You can take vacations, eat well, and buy clothes.  The key is to plan the expenses out and limit overspending until you are ready.

Since I started following a more frugal way of living I have not suffered in any way.  My every day clothes may come from thrift stores but they look new and my friends never know I didn’t get them at Kohl’s department store.  Let’s look into some ways frugal people can get what they want and need without breaking the bank.


Frugal People Barter


Bartering is not as popular as it once was but thousands of people still do it.  In fact, there are bartering clubs you can join if you want to.  If you are a good cook you may try to barter 20 home-cooked meals for a new set of tires, or if you sew, you can barter your mending or sewing services for possible yard work.  The possibilities are endless.

I suggest starting with your neighbors and see if they are interested in starting a group.  Once they ask their friends and family someone can post a list of services on a Facebook page or website for people to make contact and exchange services.

Frugal People Can Buy Designer Clothes On a Dime


Thrift stores such as the Salvation Army and Goodwill don’t just carry junk.  I have personally gotten designer clothes that would have cost me a fortune.  I can get a Christian Dior blouse for less than $4 or a pair of Skinny jeans for around $6.

A good example happened to me when I found a pair of Reebok tennis shoes that didn’t appear to have ever been worn.  I paid $5 for them!

Yes, these clothes have usually been worn, but many times people donate because they bought something that didn’t fit, or they are just plain tired of it hanging in their closet.  I have found many items still with the new tag on them!  Your friends will not know you didn’t shop at the finest store.


Frugal People Do Work from Home Side Hustles


Many frugal people get those extras they want by working part-time side hustles from home.  I know I started out that way and still do it today.  When I first quit my job to stay at home I started freelance writing for website owners.  After a few years, I added selling used books on Amazon to my business.

I had to quit selling on Amazon because I had several back surgeries and could not lift the boxes of books anymore, but I made good money while doing it.

Now, I am a full-time blogger but have kept a few special writing clients I love to work for.  Plus, I am a Kindle author with books in the fiction and non-fiction market.

The point is there are so many side-hustles you could do, from writing, selling online or even blogging yourself.  Blogging doesn’t make you money right away so be sure and find other ways to bring in some immediate cash first.


Frugal People Can Save Money


If you are living paycheck to paycheck you may feel you can’t save, but the truth is everyone can save something.  Even if it’s just $5 a week, you have to start somewhere.

There are ways to save money that are effortless as well, with things like Ebates.  Ebates is a website where you can log in before shopping online at Walmart and other stores.  If you go through Ebates they will give you a percentage of your sale back.  The more you do your shopping online, the more money you will get back.

My sister buys her pet foods, food supplements, ink cartridges, and more through Ebates and every month she gets a check from them!

There is an app called Digit that will help you save.   It’s kind of like putting all your change in a jar at the end of the day.  They go by your spending habits and put a little money in your account each time you make a purchase.  It adds up fast, so don’t discount this way of saving even more!

Coupons have been around for years and while I’m not an avid coupon person, there are times I do use coupons and you should too.  Most of the time I buy the store brand of foods, but if there is a special name brand product needed I go online and look for a coupon.

If you craft or sew you need to download apps to those particular stores.  I like to sew so I have my favorite fabric store app on my phone.  The app tells me what’s on sale and gives me a coupon on my phone that can be scanned.  When I get up to the register I show the sales clerk my coupon and she scans it for my discount.  Many times it’s up to 40%!


Frugal People Buy Generic Over-the-Counter Drugs


One of the biggest savings for me was when I started using generic over-the-counter medicines.  I love Zyrtec the allergy medicine but it’s so expensive.  When I  buy the generic brand I get the exact same ingredients for a much lesser price. In most cases, it’s a third of the name brand price!

Look for everything you use from cough medicines to aspirin in the generic brands.   Check the ingredients on the package and you will see you are buying the same medicines for much less.  You won’t be disappointed and your pocketbook balance will grow!


So How Do You Get Started?


There are so many ways a frugal person can get what they want and need, it just takes being a little creative.  Put pen to paper and figure out ways you can keep more money in your pocket! Compare prices when shopping and save wherever you can.  Keep your mindset in a money-saving mode and you will be surprised at how much money you have left at the end of the month!







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