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How The “F” Word Can Change Your Life

Three “F” Words That Can Change Your Life

That’s right, I said the “F” word!  But for me, the “F” word means something totally different than what most people think.  Actually, there are three “F” words I live by and they have served me well.  I’m going to share those “F” words with you today and if you follow them your life will change for the better!

The F Word#1 Frugal

About now most people will turn their nose up and leave this page.  I hope you will hang in there because being frugal is not about being a poor ragamuffin that looks like they haven’t eaten in a month.

What is being frugal?  It’s simply making use of what you have already and not buying things you really don’t need.  There are so many ways to stretch your money and live even better than you are right now.  It’s not always about doing without but about doing things a better way.  If you don’t know where to start you can sign up to the Family Dollar Newsletter and receive notifications of all the new tips right off the press so-to-speak.

Oh, and when you sign up you get my book, “Your Guide to Cooking for a Week in Just 4 hours” which teaches you how to start saving money immediately by buying, cooking, and freezing in bulk.  You can get it by clicking here!

#2 Freedom

This is my favorite “F” word and one you too will be able to enjoy soon.  Because of being frugal and working a couple of at-home side hustles, I now have a freedom that blows me away.

I have freedom from debt.

Freedom from stress.

Freedom of time.

Freedom to make extra money whenever I want.

#3 Fight

Getting out of debt and learning frugal living may take a little bit of fight.  You are strong so don’t let getting started to overwhelm you.  It’s time to fight for a budget that will take care of your family without draining all your resources!

Start small and work your way up to bigger and better savings.  When I first started it was all about bundling utilities for savings, looking for cheaper services I was paying for, and cooking from scratch to save money.

I Challenge You To an “F” Word Life

There is so much more to living this wonderful frugal and happy lifestyle but to wrap things up you can start like I did and see where you can save automatically.  The first month after I quit my job I saved $275!  If you pay daycare your savings will be even higher.  You can read how I did it by clicking this link.

Please feel free to share your money saving tips in the comments.

Scripture of Encouragement

Philippians 4:19 

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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