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Six Ways How to Clean Baseboards in Minutes

Six Ways How to Clean Baseboards in Minutes

how to clean baseboards
Clean Baseboards

Let’s be honest.  Cleaning baseboards are not glamorous or exciting and it’s one place many people forget to clean.  I will tell you your company will notice the dust bunnies.  Today I have six ways how to clean baseboards in minutes to share with you.  Let’s get started.

How to Clean Baseboards with Magic Erasers


Magic erasers are good for so many things when it comes to cleaning and they work for cleaning baseboards as well.  I love the extra large ones you see in the image below.  Click on the image to learn more about them.  You will need a mixture of either soap and warm water or vinegar and warm water to dip your magic eraser in. You can mix all three together if you want.  I personally like the suds soap gives.

Lay a towel down next to the wall you are working on and give those boards a good scrubbing.  The towel will soak up any mess while you work.

How to Clean Baseboards with Fabric Softener Sheets


One of the easiest ways to clean baseboards is to put a fabric dryer sheet on the end of a Swiffer mop if you have one.  This works for boards that have dust on them and no stains.  The dryer sheets also leave a film on the baseboards that repel dust particles in the future.  I like to buy these in large quantities because they are great for other things as well, like dusting and laundry of course.


How to Clean Baseboards with a Broom or Vacuum


This method is also for non-stained boards.  I’ve used a broom many times to merely brush the dust off the baseboards and then vacuumed up the dust at the same time I vacuumed the floor.  If I’d had the brush attachment for the vacuum I would have just used that, saving myself a step.


How to Clean Baseboards with an Old Sock, Toilet Bowl Brush, and Yard Stick


If you don’t have a vacuum or Swiffer you can put an old sock over a disposable toilet bowl brush or yardstick to clean the boards.  Once you have your brush or yardstick covered you spray with cleaner or dip in cleaning solution before wiping the boards.  Yardsticks aren’t that common anymore so if you need one you can get one here.


How to Clean Baseboards the Old Fashioned Way


While there are tons of way to make cleaning the baseboards easy you can still just use some old elbow grease and clean them with a wet rag and your cleaning solution.  This may be a little harder and time-consuming but it works.  Just do one wall a day so you won’t get so tired of being on the floor.


How to Clean Baseboards with a Mop


The last cleaning method is to take a sponge or rag mop and simply mop the baseboards.  You certainly want something covering the floor when you use this method.  You may also have to go back over the boards and dry those after you are done mopping.



Any of the 6 ways to clean baseboards will work but it’s important to remember you don’t have to clean them all in one day.  Start with just one wall or one room.  Before long you can easily keep up with a simple sweeping or vacuuming of the baseboards.

You can also use a gardener’s knee cushion or yoga mat to make cleaning on your knees more comfortable.  There are a couple of examples below.  Just click on the pictures to read more about them.  You will find you can use these mats for many things around the house as well

knee pads









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