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How To Transform Food Scraps Into Something Wonderful


There are many ways to save money using scraps and today I'm going to go over about six or seven of them, between my post and the video that will follow you should understand how to create each hack.  First I want you to watch the video and then be sure and read the rest of the article as there are some hacks in the article that aren't in the video.  I just loved this video though and wanted to share it with all of you in my online family.

  • Bones

    - You can boil any kind of bone, cooked or raw, with some seasonings and it makes a wonderful broth for soups and stews.  Just make and freeze.   This is also good for the carcass of a whole chicken or turkey.  If you aren't ready to boil it yet you can wrap it in foil and put in a plastic bag for freezer storage. Some people like to grind for a bone meal but I'm too lazy for that.  Bones are also used for bio-fuel in campfires.  Just add some bones to the fire and you'll have a fire that burns brighter and longer.  You can even clean and bleach leftover bones and save them to use for Halloween decorations!

  • Stale Bread - I use the leftover bread for croutons and sometimes grind for breadcrumbs for breading.  You can also season these to your own taste.

  • Fruit Peels - Make a great jam by boiling the peels of an apple or peach with sugar to taste.  Let come to a rolling boil and pour into a fruit jar.  Once cooled it easily spreads on your toast.  And did I mention it taste fantastic!

  • Potato Peels - Ready for a fantastic snack?  Take your potato peels and season them in a little olive oil and seasoning  Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees until crisp chips.  Yum!

  • Orange Rind - Once you eat your orange take the orange halves and fill 1/4 way up with lantern oil.  Light the stem inside the orange peel and your house will be smelling great before you know it.

  • Banana Peel - Great for shining shoes.  Use the inside of the peel.

  • Food Scraps - Put in the compost pile for your garden.

These are just some of the ways to use food scraps to save money and they are fun and easy  Start thinking outside the box and see how far you can stretch your food budget  Sometimes it's just plain fun being frugal!


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