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How You Can Save Dollars Buying Gifts

How You Can Save Dollars Buying Gifts

Save Dollars Buying Gifts

Gifts are one thing we don’t always figure into our budget and it’s simply because we don’t always know when a party or baby shower is going to happen.  Even though we know about Christmas and do some planning there, the rest of the year can be a monetary nightmare!  Save dollars buying gifts throughout the year and save them for just the right person or party.

When figuring your budget you can set aside $20 per month for gifts and that way the extra expense doesn’t hit you all at once.  Even if you have a tight budget there are ways to get gifts.

First, make a list of the birthdays and anniversaries you know you usually buy gifts for and keep that list in your car for easy referral.  This will give you a head start on gift buying before those surprise occasions occur.

When looking for gifts throughout the year you want to buy the ones that are coming up first and while you are doing that you should look for gifts that will also be good for birthdays, and other occasions.

Bargains – How to Save Dollars Buying Gifts and Where

Bargains are everywhere if you do your research.  Even Target marks down their inventory every single week.  Their on-sale items are usually on an end-cap and sometimes are marked down as much as 90%!

I’ve bought some of my best gifts as Ross Dress for Less Stores.  They mark down items so cheap you won’t believe it!

Other places to find good bargains are bazaars, garage sales, thrift stores, and out of season sales.  Before you turn down your nose at thrift stores you may want to know that most of them, like the Goodwill, have items donated that are still brand new in the package.

I purchased a baby gift at Goodwill for $4.00 and the mom had no idea.  It was brand new and still sealed.  She loved the gift, by the way, and said it was one of the best things she received.

Don’t forget buying gifts online.  If you aren’t in a hurry for the gift you can save a ton of money by purchasing gifts from China.  Websites like Aliexpress.com and Wish.com are both reputable.  I’ve used Aliexpress and my sister has used Wish.  We have never had any problems and the merchandise was great.

I almost forgot to mention homemade gifts.  Making gift baskets is cheap and easy to do.  People love them and you don’t have to be super crafty to pull it off.  See how each it is to make a gift basket by clicking here.

Save Dollars Buying Gifts and Then Organize

The main idea is to shop for gifts the whole year-round and keep them in a closet for when you need them.  You should also shop the sales for wrapping paper, tape, and greeting cards.  Every year before Christmas time I purchase most of my gift bags at the Goodwill and only pay 59 cents apiece for them!

Once you get your gift stockpile going its so much fun to watch it grow.  Keep an inventory of all you are buying and if you have a special person in mind, be sure and flag that gift for them so you won’t give it to someone else.

Shopping the bargain places will supply you with great gifts, alleviate your last minute shopping stress, and save you big bucks!  Start buying now and save money on gifts.

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