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How to Make Homemade Cat Food

Learn How To Make Your Own Cat Food

In Less Than 15 Minutes



Making your own cat food only takes about 15 to 20 minutes and it’s enough to last 3 to 6 weeks, depending on how much you feed your cat.  I saw the video below on how to make cat food but instead of using salmon, I substituted Mackerel because it’s half the price.  In the end, my batch of cat food cost me around $8.00 to make and it was enough for 40 days for my cat.

Here are the ingredients I used to make the cat food.

1 can of mackerel

2 cans of sardines (in water or oil)

1 large can of chicken (can use fresh if want to)

1 package of frozen mixed vegetables (pets need veggies)

2 cups of cooked oatmeal (pets need this grain)

Carrots (some people like to grate carrots and cook with the mixed veggies)(optional)

I threw the frozen veggies in the microwave right in the bag and cooked them.  Once they are done you can mix them in a food processor or just mash them up real good. (make sure they are soft for the cat)  Add all the canned meats (with some liquid), the oatmeal, and veggies all together in one large bowl.  The oatmeal only takes three minutes to cook and can be cooking while you are opening cans, etc.  This really doesn’t take long at all!

That’s how easy it is to make homemade cat food.  For storage of the food, there are two options.  Keep a couple of weeks in the refrigerator in a container with a lid, or freeze.  Since my cat eats dry and wet foods I decided to freeze mine.  I made patties out of the mixture and then put the patties between wax paper.  After I had the patties all on their own wax paper I lay them on a cookie sheet and froze them.  Once the patties were frozen I was able to put all the patties (each wrapped in wax paper) into a gallon bag for easy retrieval.

I take about two patties out of the freezer at a time because I only feed my cat 1/2 a patty per day, so two patties will last her four days.  This way the rest of the mix stays frozen and fresh for her.

Here is the video I based my recipe off of.  Enjoy!  Find other ways to save money by saving on groceries.

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  1. Nice! Thank you very much. You have told best method for cat food and you have shared the best ingredients. It is healthy food for cats. Once again thanks a lot.

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