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Make Money Recycling Unusual Items



Recycle almost everything and you will be putting money in your pocket and helping the environment at the same time. We all know about recycling cans, paper, and plastic but there are lots more items you could be making money on instead of throwing in the trash.

Raw materials today are getting harder to find and more expensive to the buyers so getting recycled material is a cheaper way to go for manufacturers. They buy the used material and condition it to where it can be used again, or in the case of electronics, they just refurbish the item.

Ink cartridges and used cell phones have been being recycled for some time now and many other items that are not so well known. Cell phones are bought by companies that refurbish them to be used in other countries and ink cartridge companies will even pay the postage for you to return a cartridge. These companies are hungry for what you have to sell them.

One way you can recycle your old clothes is to take them to consignment stores and let them sell them for you. You tell the store what you want for the item and whatever they get for the piece of clothing over what you ask, they stick in their own pocket. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

I did some research and found several websites that will actually pay you for letting them recycle certain items. One such website will even pay you for old golf balls. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen golf balls for sale at a garage sale. I have actually paid just $2.00 for a dozen golf balls!  You are bound to make a profit!

Niki even has a reuse-a-shoe program for the rubber off shoes, etc. Don’t throw anything away until you do some research. It may be worth money and why not put that money in your pocket instead of the trash dump.

Let’s Take a Look at Some of the Companies


Cash 4 Shooz is a great fundraising project.  Your school or group sends all their used sneakers and they can get a check for up to $4500.


Used golf balls are being sold every day on eBay so if you see them at garage sales they pick them up.  Do some research on eBay first to see what balls sell the best.

Two other great items to recycle on eBay are toilet paper rolls and wine corks.  Both of these items are used for craft making and are very popular.


You can recycle your old cell phones and other electronics here.  This includes tablets and circuit boards.  The good news is they don’t even have to be working!


If you have gift cards left over from Christmas or birthdays you don’t want then you can easily sell them at Gift Card Granny.  Sometimes we get a gift card to stores that aren’t even in our town so here is a great way to get something out of the deal.

For example, a $50 gift card to Target can be sold for $42.50.  You don’t get the entire amount but close to it!


You don’t get money for this recycling project but it is a wonderful way to give back to others.  If you have old glasses or even hearing aids you can donate them here.

Start today by saving your cans, paper, plastic, and other items you can get cash for! Keep a large box in the closet for household items until you have time to check on the Internet to see if they can be sold. This keeps items out of the way and when you get a box full you can check them all out and throw away the items that are truly worthless.


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