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Six Tips for Buying Appliances

Six Tips for Buying Appliances
That Will Save You Money

Tips for buying appliances

Saving money is extremely important to those of us who are trying out best to live frugally and get out of debt, however, there are times when household appliances do crash and we have to buy new ones. Below are six tips for buying appliances that will keep you from overspending.

The important things to remember when buying a new appliance is that you should shop for your needs, not your wants. A regular washing machine will get your clothes clean just as well as one that has a digital screen with all the bells and whistles.

Tip #1 – Buy Last Years Model

You can save over a hundred dollars by purchasing last years model, especially on appliances like stoves, washers, dryers, etc.

The store wants to make room for the newer, more expensive models and is ready to deal.  It’s still brand new and will last a long time!

Tip #2 – Shop for Scratches and Dents.

The salesperson won’t point these out but when you look for appliances already on the showroom floor you can sometimes find dents or scratches. My husband bought a stove once that had a scratch on the side (which won’t show anyway one the stove is installed), and they gave us a pretty good discount on it.

Be sure and point things out to the salesperson and get them to go higher up for the decision if they can’t make it.

Tip #3 – Trade-Ins

See if the store will take trade-ins. Some stores will and some won’t, but it sure doesn’t hurt to ask. If the store won’t take a trade in, stop in at some second-hand appliance stores and see if they will purchase your broken appliance for $50.

Tip # 4 –  Clearance Appliances

As soon as you enter a store look for, or ask if they have any appliances on clearance. These could be new items that they just aren’t going to carry the name brand anymore. They will usually give a discount on these to get rid of them.

Tip #5  – The Floor Model

If they only have one of a particular model of appliance left, and it happens to be the floor model, you may be able to work a deal as well. It could even have a scratch or dent too, so that would be double discounts!

Tip#6 – Used appliances

Don’t overlook buying a used appliance, especially if your budget can’t afford a new one right now. My husband and I bought a used chest freezer over 15 years ago for $50. We are still using that freezer today!

There are used appliance stores around and some of them will even give you a 90-day guarantee on the appliances. Most of these appliances have been refurbished and all of them should be guaranteed to work.

There you have the six tips for buying appliances, so be sure and used these tips when you go shopping. Saving money is the goal, so be on the alert and don’t let your want of a new shiny object take over your common sense!

My Motto is “Get What You Need – And Get Out”.

If you live in a small apartment you may want to save money by buying a washer/dryer combination that does not require a dryer vent hose.

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