Step by Step How To Make Gift Baskets

Step by Step How To Make Gift Baskets

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How to Make Awesome Gift Baskets

gift baskets

Throughout the year there are numerous occasions where gifts are needed for friends and family.  If you are like me you always wonder what to give.  I also live on a tight budget so I want to give the best gift possible without spending a ton of money.

Making great looking baskets is simply a matter of knowing where to get items for the baskets, find the baskets, and learn how to put them together in an appealing way.

I first learned to do this at church.  Recently my women’s ministry group decided to do a fundraiser for the church building fund and we decided to make gift baskets and auction them off at the next potluck dinner the church had.  Most of us had never made a gift basket but we soon found out how incredibly easy they are to put together.

The first step is making gift baskets is to come up with a theme for the basket.  Below are some of the themes we used for the church auction.

  • Baby shower gift basket
  • Housewarming gift basket
  • Assorted kitchen gadget gift basket
  • Travel kit gift basket
  • Little boy’s gift basket
  • Little girl’s gift basket
  • Bath and beauty gift basket
  • Office supply gift basket
  • Golfer gift basket
  • Gardener gift basket
  • Crafter gift basket

There are many ideas you can come up with once you get your creative juices flowing.  I know I personally did an office supply basket which cost me $12 to produce and it brought $45 at the auction!

I went to a dollar store and purchase a writing pad, stapler and staples, ballpoint pens, sticky notes, hole punch, and other office supplies.

Our church fundraiser was a huge success raising $1600 for the building fund with only 13 baskets auctioned off!


Some of the Supplies You May Need

  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Twist Tie
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Shredded filler or tissue paper


Type of Containers You Can Use For Baskets

  • Baskets
  • Buckets
  • Small Laundry baskets
  • Small plastic tubs


wicker baskets

All the items listed above make for great baskets but I prefer the wicker baskets myself.  Baskets with a handle are the best to work with because they help the cellophane stand up.  If you don’t use that kind of basket you will need something in the basket to hold up the cellophane.

Step One:  Buy the items you want in the gift basket first, then look for the container that will best fit the items you purchased.  The dollar stores have great containers that aren’t expensive and the Goodwill and other thrift stores have tons of beautiful wicker baskets.  Most look like they have never been used!

Step Two:  Put some filler in your container and start arranging your basket.  Usually, if you put the taller items toward the back of the basket it will look better.  Next put in the medium size items in the middle and the smaller items at the front of the basket.  This type of display looks great once you get the cellophane around the basket.

Step Three:  Get your cellophane ready for covering the basket.  You may need an extra pair of hands for this.  Pull the cellophane up straight and as tight as possible without tearing.  Once it’s pulled up you can use string to tie, or a twist tie for holding the ends together.  To cover this up you can wrap some ribbon around this area.  Some people prefer to place a bow here and put the ribbon all around the bottom of the basket.

Step Four:  This step will not be used by all, however, if you are sending a basket of baked goods, it’s important to list the ingredients in the foods in case of food allergies.  Some people put this information on a pretty card and tape to the outside of basket while others place it on the inside of the basket.  So many people have allergies to things like nuts, coconut, etc., it’s very important not to skip this step.


Once you have all the items you want in your gift basket and they are arranged like you want, you either slip into a cellophane bag or cut cellophane to fit your project.  You can see step by step instructions here on how to wrap with cellophane.

Fruit basket

Remember, if you make a fruit basket, or anything else that is time sensitive, don’t make it untill almost time to make the delivery.

Now that I know how easy it is to make gift baskets I will probably make some for Christmas presents.  The possibilities for cute baskets are virtually endless.  Making your own baskets is a lot of fun and the people that receive them absolutely love them!  The assortment of small items in the baskets makes it so much fun for the recipient.

Please share your ideas for homemade gifts or gift baskets that can save money.  Depending on what you put in the basket will determine the price but making it yourself is still cheaper than buying the basket already make from a store or ordering it online.

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gift basket


Scripture for Encouragement

Proverbs 31:13

She looks for wool and flax And workwith her hands in delight.



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