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The Six Biggest Lies about Frugal Living

The Six Biggest Lies about Frugal Living

The 6 Biggest Lies About Frugal Living

There is a terrible misconception of what frugal living is all about and I hope today you will see the truth of how frugal living helps you have more, not less!  Let’s get started on the six biggest lies about frugal living.

Lie #1 – Frugal People Are Nutcases!

When some people picture frugal living they see some crazy person splitting her two-ply toilet paper to go further, or saving their chewing gum on the bedpost overnight. (At least that’s what the song says, lol)

While there may be a few extreme people that take things too far, most people don’t.  It’s about smart choices and making your money go further. 

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Lie #2 – Everything I buy Must Be Used


While buying clothes, toys, and other household goods used can really help, it’s not always the best choice.  There are times when stores have brand new items marked down as much as 90%.  I know target does.

I personally buy all my everyday clothes at thrift stores and save my money for special occasion clothes, or jewelry, or getting a pedicure.  It all depends on what your desires are and how you want to go about being able to afford them

Lie #3 – You Have to Cook Everything From Scratch

For the most part this is not entirely a myth; however, there are some things cheaper to buy than cook from scratch.  Use some common sense and do some research if you aren’t sure.

For example, there is one thing I buy in a box that is cheaper than making homemade and that’s mac and cheese.  I do add some grated cheese to the box mix and it tastes wonderful.  Cheese cost a lot and so buying this in the box saves me money.

Cookies, brownies, and other desserts are cheaper to make from scratch.  I have written a post on cooking from scratch that should give you more clarity on that subject.

Lie #4 – Never Go Out For Fun or Entertainment

Everyone needs to fit fun into their budget and there are many ways to do it.  First look at all the free things going on in your town.  This could range from free concerts to street bazaars and more.

Next check out the matinee prices at the movies and other discounts you may get.  Where I live seniors get really good prices all the time! Here is how to find free things in your town!

Lie #5 Budgets Are Only Needed by Broke People

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Everyone should have a budget.  Why?  Just because you have enough money to get through the month doesn’t mean you are being wise with your money.  You could possibly be throwing away hundreds of dollars each month on things you aren’t really aware of.  This money could be put in savings, a college fund, or to finance a home business.

Think about people who drive by a specialty coffee house or McDonald’s on their way to work every day.  A specialty coffee is around $5 a cup!  Multiply that times 20 work days and you’ve spent $100 on coffee!

Lie #6 – I Must Clip Coupons for Everything

I personally detest looking for coupons.  Sometimes it takes more time than it’s worth.  I have this blog to keep running and other books to write, so it’s not always worth my time.

However, if coupons are your thing then go for it.  I do use coupons but they are usually ones that come to the house or ones I can have the retail store scan on my smartphone.  For example, I love to sew and have an app for the fabric store.  The coupons are on there each and every week and all I have to do is show my phone to the clerk to get my discount!  Now that’s the kind of coupons I love.

The Six Biggest Lies About Frugal Living

Wrapping up The Myths and Throwing Them Away

If you want more money, vacations, savings, and a better life then it’s in your best interest to start living a frugal life.  It takes a little work in the beginning and then it almost becomes second nature to you.

I quit my job long ago to stay at home and work from home and have never looked back.  In fact, I shaved $275 off my budget the first month.  Besides being frugal I also found a couple of side hustles that made sure we never went without.  Remember, where there is a will to do something you will find a way to make it happen.

If you haven’t already you can get started being frugal by downloading the free book you get when subscribing to Family Dollar Stretcher.  Here is the link below.


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