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Three Lists You Can’t Live Without

Three Lists You Can’t Live Without


to do listI don’t know if you make lists for anything but if you don’t there is a good chance you aren’t organized.

Notice I said a good chance because there are some brainy people who can keep up with everything, stay organized, and still look like a million bucks at the end of the day.

I’m NOT one of them!

There are the normal lists you may make, such as what to pack for a trip, house chore duties, doctor appointments, afterschool reminders, etc.

But my sister showed me a way to keep up with almost everything and I love it!

There are three lists you need.  The first day you only work from the “#1 – need to do” list.  Write down everything you need to get done not only that day but for the rest of the week.

Your list may look something like the list below.


Getting Started With Three Lists You Can’t Live Without

  • Vacuum living room and dust
  • Pick up kids at 3 and take to baseball practice
  • Put Chicken in the slow cooker for tonight’s supper
  • Get 5 dozen cookies baked for girl scouts by Friday
  • P/u clothes from cleaners
  • Pay bills

You get the idea.  Each day you cross off what you did and move the things you didn’t get done to the second list, which is the “#2- must do” list.  At the same time, you make another “#1 – need to do” list for the next day.

After the second day, the things you didn’t get done on the “#2-must do” list are added to the “#3- too stinking late” list.

Now, this sounds like a lot of work, but it really takes less than eight minutes each day to adjust or make new lists.

As weird as this sounds you start each day working the “#3 -too stinking late” and “#2 – must do” lists, and make sure the “#1-need to do” list is worked for the things like picking up kids, etc.

Once you have the “#3-too stinking late” list worked you continue on your “#2-must do” list.

keeping up with the lists this way will always get a few of the main things done, plus get some on your “must do” and “too stinking late” list done as well.


To recap, because I know this sounds a little confusing until you get the system going, here is how you work the list.

  • Day one, work as much of the “#1 -need to do” list as you can.  Try to do it all!

  • Day two work list #1 as much as possible but put the priority on list #2, since you added yesterday’s items not done to it.

  • Day three you should start a new list.   Move all items not done from #1 to list #2, and all items not done on #2 to #3, the “too stinking late” list.

  • After that you always start with list #3 and #2, filling in wherever you can with list #1.

This is a great way to keep up with chores, appointments, and other things you want to get done in your life.  Try it out for just one week and see how much more productive you will be.

You will never beat yourself over the head again, or feel like a dunce because you missed something important, plus the stress level will drop exponentially!







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