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Work When You Want as a Temp Worker

Temp Worker

Want To Work and Stay at Home?

Do you want to work so you can have money, but hate going to work all the time?  If so, being a temp may be for you.  It really does give you the best of both worlds.  You get out away from the kids for a while, yet still, have enough time at home to get all the chores done and spend time with your family.

When my children were small I worked for several temp agencies.  Most of my work came from Kelly Services.  It was a simple of matter of taking some test that showed I could spell, file, and type.  They have all kinds of office jobs available, such as answering phones, filing, typing, and much much more.  The jobs are usually fairly simple because they don’t want to go into a lot of training for a temporary worker.  You will also find that working temp jobs is great on-the-job training for other assignments they come up later.  Let’s get on to how it works.

Don’t Just Sign Up – Be Pro-Active

Once you sign up with the agencies you will check in daily to see if they have any assignments.  By calling them instead of waiting for them to call you, shows you are eager and reader to work.  Always be pro-active!  If they have an assignment that fits your skills they will tell you the length of the assignment, where it is, the hours, and the pay.  At this point, you have the option to accept or reject the assignment.  This is great because if it doesn’t sound fun, or you don’t want to work those days, you simply turn it down! It’s important to try and take the first few assignments they offer you so they won’t think you are being too particular!

These assignments can be from 1/2 day to months on end, so be sure and not take a long assignment if you aren’t wanting to work full-time.  I worked as a temp for 13 years when my children were young and in school.  It was a great way for me to work a lot during the school year and save enough to be able to take the entire summer off with them. It’s also a great way to be offered full-time work if that’s your goal.

I would take assignments up to six weeks max and then I would take a couple of weeks off.  It was great.  Payday came each week when working and I would take a percentage of my check, put in an envelope, and place under a clock radio by my bed.  On those weeks I wasn’t working I would still take out some money and pay myself on Fridays.  It was wonderful!  I got to make money, have an adult conversation, learn new skills, and still stay at home when I chose.

My husband loved me working as a temp because we never had conflicts with our work when setting up a vacation time.  We went by his schedule and I just did not line up any work at that time.

You can find temporary employment agencies in your are just by doing a search on Google and making a few phone calls.  If you want to work some and stay home you may want to give temping a try.  Remember we are all still working on being frugal, so pack your lunch instead of eating out!  It worked great for me and I hope it will for you as well!






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